Welcome to Modern Mainframer!

Hey Everyone and welcome to Modern Mainframer!  This is a community of mainframers that can help you learn about the mainframe.  There are many different contributors and topics to assist you in your pursuit to become a modern mainframer.

Why Mainframe?
The mainframe is the most prominent machine in today’s society.  Allowing for 2.5 billion transactions per day (equivalent to 100 Cyber Mondays traffic), the mainframe is used by the world’s top financial institutions.  ATMs, cash registers, and even smartphones interact daily with mainframes around the world.  This machine is used by nearly everyone that is interacting with any computer system throughout their day.

However, the skills required to develop, maintain, and troubleshoot a mainframe are hard to find.  Schools are not teaching COBOL or JCL or any other skills needed to work with a mainframe.  The workforce currently responsible for the mainframe is aging, and they are not being replaced.

There is a large opportunity for you to usher the next generation of mainframes.  These skills are hard to come by and valuable to any organization with a mainframe.  You don’t need to have an economics degree to know high demand and low supply equals big win.


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