Sysprog Cheat Sheets: RACF Commands

Command Description
LU userid Lists user’s details
LG usergroup Lists user group details
LD DATASET(‘dataset_profile‘) Lists dataset profile details
AU userid NAME(‘user real name‘) DFLTGRP(usergroup) OWNER(ownerid) PASS(password) Add user to RACF database
AG usergroup OWNER(ownerid) SUPGROUP(sup usergroup) Adds group to user
AD ‘dataset_profile’ UACC(uacc_permission) Adds a dataset profile with a UACC
ALU userid PASSWORD(password) Change user’s password
ALU userid REVOKE Revokes user
ALU userid RESUME Resumes user with current password
ALU userid RESUME PASS(temp_password) Resumes user with a temporary password
ALD ‘dataset_profile‘ UACC(uacc_permission) Changes dataset’s UACC
DU userid Deletes user
DG usergroup Deletes user group
DD ‘dataset_profile Deletes dataset profile

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