Sysprog Cheat Sheet: JES2 Commands

Command Description
$DA,ALL Displays status of all JES2 functions
$D ‘jobname Displays JES status of job or user
$DU,ALL Displays all JES devices
$DN Displays input queues
$DQ Displays queues
$H A Hold all jobs
$H ‘jobname Holds a job
$A Releases all held jobs
$A ‘jobname Releases specific job
$C jobname Cancels job or user
$P ‘jobname Purge job
$E ‘jobname Restarts job after it completes
$DU,PRTS Displays all local printers
$I PRTn Interrupt printing for device n
$PIn Stops initiator n
$SIn Starts initiator n
$SPRT2 Starts a printer
$T In,C=cc Assign job class cc for initiator n
$P JES2 Stops JES2

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