Sysprog Cheat Sheet: VTAM Commands


Command Description
D NET,E,ID=nnnnnnnn Displays information about nnnnnnnn
D NET,MAJNODES Displays information about major nodes
D NET,VTAMOPTS Displays VTAM options
D NET,APPLS Displays applications with VTAM
V NET,ACT,ID=nnnnnnnn Varies nnnnnnnn active
V NET,INACT,ID=nnnnnnnn Varies nnnnnnnn inactive
V NET,INACT,ID=nnnnnnnn,I Varies nnnnnnnn inactive immediately
V NET,INACT,ID=nnnnnnnn,F Varies nnnnnnnn inactive forcefully
Z NET,QUICK Kills VTAM immediately
Z NET,CANCEL Kills VTAM when normal or quick does not work

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