Mainframe Acronyms

This list is constantly updated with the various acronyms we use in our vocabulary.

Command Description Context
ABEND Abnormal End z/OS
ACB Access Control Block z/OS
ACK Acknowledgement Networking
AMODE Addressing Mode z/OS
ANSI American National Standard Institution General
AOR Application Owning Region CICS
APAR Authorized Problem Analysis Report z/OS
APF Authorized Program Facility z/OS
API Application Programming Interface General
APPC Advanced Peer to Peer Communication Networking
APPN Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking Networking
ARM Automatic Restart Management z/OS
ARP Address Resolution Protocol Networking
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange General
AT-TLS Application Transparent – Transport Layer Security Networking
BCP Base Control Program z/OS
BLKSIZE Blocksize Datasets
BLOB Binary Large Object Databases
BSAM Basic Sequential Access Methods Datasets
CA Certificate Authority Networking/Security
CCW Channel Command Word I/O Devices
CEC Central Electric Complex Hardware
CF Coupling Facility Sysplex
CFRM Coupling Facility Resource Manager Sysplex
CHPID Channel Path Identifier I/O Devices
CI Control Interval VSAM
CICS Customer Information Control System CICS
CLIST Command List z/OS
CLPA Create Link Pack Area z/OS
CP Central Processor Hardware
CPC Central Processor Complex Hardware
CPU Central Processing Unit Hardware
CSA Common Service Area z/OS
CSECT Control Section Assembler
CSI Consolidated Software Inventory SMP/E
CSS Channel Subsystem I/O Devices
CTRACE Component Trace Diagnostics
CU Control Unit Hardware
DASD Directly Attached Storage Device I/O Devices
DBA Database Administrator Databases
DBMS Database Management System Databases
DCB Data Control Block Datasets
DDNAME Data Definition Name JES2
DFS Distributed File Service Storage
DFSMS Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem Storage
DISP Disposition JCL
DLL Dynamic Link Library Software
DNS Domain Name Server Networking
DR Disaster Recovery General
DSN Data Set Name Data Sets
DSORG Data Set Organization Data Sets
ECSA Extended Common Service Area Storage
EDT Eligible Device Table I/O Devices
EOF End of File Software
ESCON Enterprise Systems Connection Hardware
ETR External Time Reference General
EXCP Execute Channel Programs z/OS
FFST First Failure Support Technology z/OS
FICON Fiber Channel Connection Hardware
FIFO First In First Out General
FMID Function Modification Identifier Maintenance
FTP File Transfer Protocol Networking
GDG Generation Data Group Data Sets
GDPS Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex DR
GDG Generation Data Group Data Sets
GDS Generation Data Set Data Sets
GTF Generalized Trace Facility z/OS
GUI Graphical User Interface General
HASP Houston Automatic Spooling Priority JES
HCD Hardware Configuration Definition Hardware
HFS Hierarchical File System Storage
HMC Hardware Management Console Hardware
HPR High Performance Routing Networking
HSM Hierarchical Storage Management Storage
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol Networking
IBM International Business Machine General
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol Networking
ICN Interchange Network Node Networking
ICSF Integrated Cryptographic Service Facility Security
IDCAMS Catalog Access Method Services z/OS
IDS Intrusion Detection Services Security
IMS Information Mangement System Databases / Transactional Systems
IOCDS Input/Output Configuration Data Set Hardware
IODF Input/Output Definition File Hardware
IP Internet Protocol Networking
IPCS Interactive Problem Control System z/OS
IPL Initial Program Load z/OS
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network Networking
ISMF Interactive Storage Management Facility Storage
ISPF Interactive System Productivity Facility z/OS
IVP Installation Verification Procedure General
JCL Job Control Language JES
JES2 Job Entry Subsystem 2 Jobs
KSDS Key Sequenced Data Set Data Sets
LAN Local Area Network Networking
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Security
LIFO Last In First Out General
LMOD Load Module z/OS
LPA Link Pack Area z/OS
LPAR Logical Partition z/OS
LRECL Logical Record Length Data Sets
LSQA Local System Queue Area z/OS
LU Logical Unit Networking
MSU Million Service Units z/OS
MTU Maximum Transmission Unit Networking
MVS Multiple Virtual Storage z/OS
NIP Nucleus Initialization Program z/OS
NJE Network Job Entry JES
OLTP Online Transaction Processing z/OS
OSA Open Systems Adapter Hardware
OSI Open Systems Interconnection Hardware
PAV Parallel Access Volumes I/O Devices
PCHID Physical Channel Identifier Hardware
PDS Partitioned Data Set Data Sets
PDSE Partitioned Data Set Extended Data Sets
PLPA Pageable Link Pack Area z/OS
POR Power-on Reset z/OS
PPRC Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy DR
PR/SM Processor Resource/Systems Manger z/OS
PSW Program Status Word z/OS
PTF Program Temporary Fix Maintenance
QDIO Queued Direct I/O Hardware
QSAM Queued Sequential Access Method Data Sets
RACF Resource Access Control Facility Security
RAID Redundant Array of Independent Disk Hardware
REXX Restructured Extended Executor Software
RFC Request for Comment General
RMF Resource Management Facility Monitoring
RMODE Residency Mode Software
RRS Resource Recovery Services z/OS
SAF System Authorization Facility Security
SCSI Small Computer System Interface Hardware
SDSF System Display and Search Facility z/OS
SE Support Element Hardware
SMF System Management Facilities Logging
SMP/E System Modification Program/Extended Software Maintenance
SMS Storage Management Subsystem Storage
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Networking
SNA Systems Network Architecture Networking
SPUFI SQL Processing Using File Input Databases
SQA System Queue Area z/OS
SQL Structured Query Language Databases
SRB Service Request Block z/OS
SREL System Release Identifier z/OS
SRM System Resources Manger z/OS
SSCP System Services Control Point Hardware
SSI Subsystem Interface JES
SSID Subsystem Identifier Hardware
SSL Secure Sockets Layer Security
SVC Supervisor Call z/OS
TCB Task Control Block z/OS
TCP Transmission Control Protocol Networking
TLS Transport Layer Security Networking
TOR Terminal Owning Region CICS
TRL Transport Resource List Networking
TSO Time Sharing Option z/OS
UCB Unit Control Block I/O Devices
VB Variable Blocked Data Sets
VIO Virtual Input/Output z/OS
VIPA Virtual IP Address Networking
VLAN Virtual Local Area Network Networking
VPN Virtual Private Network Networking
VSAM Virtual Storage Access Method Data Set
VTAM Virtual Telecommunications Access Method Networking
VTOC Volume Table of Contents Storage
WAN Wide Area Network Networking
WLM Workload Mangement z/OS
WTO Write to Operator Operations
WTOR Write to Operator Reply Operations
XCF Cross-System Coupling Facility Sysplex
XRC Extended Remote Copy DR
z/OS z Operating System z/OS
z/OSMF z/OS Management Facility z/OS

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