IBM InterConnect 2017: Day 2

Welcome to InterConnect Keynote

  • Twitter is using the IBM cloud to fight harassment on the platform with the cognitive understanding of these tweets on Watson.
  • BlueMix is implementing the usage of Red Hat Linux into the IBM Cloud starting today.
  • American Airlines is using the IBM Cloud and is aggressively moving applications to the cloud including delivery and reservation systems.
  • Watson now provides recommendations for how and where to run workloads across the cloud platform.
  • Indiegogo is providing Watson tools for free with an account to assist in building the next gerenation of IoT devices.
  • Indiegogo is also partnering with ARROW to help build and manufacture these devices.
  • Introducing IBM Cloud Object Flex storage.
  • Allowing data to reside in the cloud or on-premise, but to still be able to utilize Watson and the cloud utilities from IBM Cloud.
  • PlayFab is using the IBM Cloud to turbocharge games with machine learning and AI. This is helping Atari and developers to harness the data generated by games to best determine what gamers want. Roller Coaster Tycoon Touch uses this.
  • Delos is using IBM BlueMix to host critical systems and analytical data systems to help understand smart building technology to improve people’s health and performance.
  • IBM and Intel have partnered to improve public cloud security through hardware advancements and cognitive hardware insights.
  • IBM Watson Security is being fed millions of security documents via 8 universities each day to learn more and more to better the analytics engine.
  • With Watson for a Cyber Security it takes minutes to find a threat versus hours for an IT professional.
  • Everledger is able to do physical diamond tracking with blockchain on the IBM Cloud. They are expanding into art and other high value items. Beyond that, they are using a cognitive blockchain to analyze regulatory documents to comply with these rules. Obligations are pulled out directly by Watson and are linked into libraries to check for compliance against the blockchain.

Session 1: CICS Project Opening Session and Technical Update

  • Application understanding for existing setups – IBM Discovery Application
  • Java is being pushed and optimized in CICS, especially on a z13 or z13s.
  • Move to MVM (Multi-Version Management) from SVM. MVM = Upgrade = Modernize
  • Swift and NodeJS are being explored for use in CICS.
  • IBM z/OS Provisioning Toolkit will help developers provision z/OS resources within minutes and is available for free with z/OS V2+.
  • No need to run CKQC translation to restart MQ monitors manually with CICS 5.4 open beta due to triggers.
  • IBM z Systems Trial Program – z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition, Apache Spark, currently. Coming soon: CICS Transaction Server, DB2, IMS, OMEGAMON. Eventually will allow to upload test cases, but at first will be scenarios.

Session 2: Developing Cutting-Edge RESTful APIs for Enterprise Solutions

  • Using CICS for this model doesn’t change much. WebSphere Liberty would be the foundation.
  • On the application layer, Z/OS Connect or a Java layer would be used when doing this on a zSystem.
  • Any language that supports REST can be used.

Session 3: IBM z Systems: A Technical Tour of the Latest Advancements

  • SMT is mainly designed for Java offload processing.

Session 4: DevOps for zSystems Kickoff: Cognitive DevOps for the Hybrid Cloud

  • Is the mainframe still relevant? Definitely. It’s just hidden in most cases.
  • Should you still be using green screen for development? No. There are new tools to better operate and perform on the platform.
  • Direction on the mainframe now is to delivery quality, but quickly via agile.
  • Using modern IDEs, productivity on the mainframe can skyrocket. Drives velocity and customer retention.
  • Number of lines of code can go up. More work can be delivered. Automate testing to increase this even more.
  • Weeks can be cut off of delivery cycles, not just days.
  • Culture should be a learn culture, not a blame culture!
  • Continuous delivery and soon deployment should be implemented to utilize the system as best as possible.
  • IBM Application Discovery & Delivery Intelligence product to help understand how a system works. Topology and diagram tool. Onboard and planning assistance when integrated for developers.

Session 5: How Verizon Uses APIs to Make the Mainframe A Revenue Generator and Not a Cost Center

  • Data on the machine can be used in other ways than what is is currently being used as.
  • Take cobol since source isn’t available and make a program that transforms it to JSON.
  • APIs are a way around giving everyone a RACF ID, but still provide data safely.
  • This code is in java. Supports REST.
  • Start internally. Really trying to not purchase any new software.
  • Encrypt everything. Do not just use Base64 encoding. Encoding does not equal encryption.

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