IBM InterConnect 2017: Day 3

Chairman’s Address Keynote

  • IBM Cloud is growing rapidly and is currently 17% of the business.
  • 50 data centers, 20 countries.
  • China is the 20th country to host an IBM data center in partnership with the Wanda Group.
  • 100 million WebSphere instances.
  • Version 1 of HyperLedger (blockchain) is now available on the IBM Cloud.
  • DataFirst. Your data is your data with IBM. It is not commercialized or used to train other knowledge graphs. Your insights are yours.
  • AT&T is acquiring T-Mobile….. Not really! Randal misspoke, as we all know, this is actually Time Warner.
  • Salesforce started in 1999 and has since grown to a Fortune 500 company.
  • Salesforce and IBM have partnered to bring Watson and Einstein together to better cognitive abilities and analytics.
  • H&R Block is using Watson and the IBM Cloud to assist in completing taxes and understanding the tax code.
  • This gives preparers insights and assistance to ensure a properly completed tax return.
  • Watson takes text supplied by the customer and highlights the relevant credits and deductions available.
  • Royal Bank of Canada is running 30+ applications on the IBM BlueMix Cloud infrastructure. These are critical applications to the business.
  • Utilizing on-premise and cloud BlueMix installations.
  • Vertical silos of infrastructure resources and developers doesn’t apply or work anymore. The view must be horizontal with continuous communication to drive innovation and delivery.
  • The IBM and Girls for Code partnership has tremendously helped to encourage girls to utilize code and technology to do achieve their goals. 100% of the girls that have gone through the IBM courses, are set out to go to school for computer degrees.
  • IBM is giving internships to a few of the girls that have gone through the IBM classes this summer.

Session 1: Modernizing Mainframes: API-Centric Integration with IBM z/OS Connect at Humana


Session 2: z/OS Connect, CICS Transaction Gateway, and API Connect: Hybrid Cloud Integration Tools that Work!

  • Reduce developer time to market.
  • Add a layer on top of the system of record and prevent stale projection data.
  • SDK boxes show the entry points at which APIs can be used to extract data.

Session 3: Introduction to IBM WebSphere Liberty and BlueMix for Java EE Developers

  • This can also be downloaded directly into Eclipse as well as a plugin.


Session 4: Git for COBOL and PL/I? – Yes, It Can Make Sense

  • Git for z/OS is provided by Rocket Software as open source tools.
  • Read instructions about tagging. Can be tagged as ASCII instead of EBCDIC in certain cases incorrectly.
  • Still can SCM manage COBOL/Assembler even while using ISPF/IDz, etc. The files just reside in a zFS instead of a PDS/PDSE.
  • Homegrown systems can still work with this.
  • All zFS to zFS or PDS to PDS builds work fine right now. Combination of zFS and PDS builds do not work right now. Enhancement will be made to allow this.
  • Use existing MCM Git source repo so it isn’t replicated on z/OS and independent from everything else.
  • Put built output into another repo though, it should not be there as that is where the source resides.
  • Can use for system configurations, parameters, etc.


Session 5: IBM Service Management Suite for z/OS for Automation and Performance Management

  • The z/OS Management Suite provides OMEGAMON products for monitoring every aspect of a z/OS system. It can also monitor zVM Linux instances.
  • Mobile access is available to alert and perform basic tasks in the event of an issue.
  • Dashboard views provide an easy way to see the health of an entire system.
  • Service Management Unite (SMU) can automate tasks as well as providing a single pane of glass for modernizing  the IT Operations Management experience.

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