IBM InterConnect 2017: Day 5

Session 1: API Connect Implementation Best Practices: Experiences from the Field

  • The goal here is to provide Node.js developers an open-source way to connect to resources.
  • NPM (Node Package Manager)
  • You can use handlebars (hbs) templates in NPM to build APIs to ensure compatibility, structure, and compliance.
  • The diagram on the right is recommended for maximizing the appliance utilization and investment.

Session 2: Economical z Systems Digital Transformation Powered by z Systems Development and Test Environment

  • zVM and zVSE can be used with/on zD&T.
  • Templates are available to spin up z/OS images very quickly.
  • Number of 8 CPs per instance of zD&T.  Usually supports 25 or so individuals.
  • There are cloud and personal instances available with a hardware stick required for personal offline versions.

Session 3: DevOps within the Hybrid Cloud: Deploying to the VMWare Platform on the IBM Cloud

  • The largest challenges that companies are running into are a lack of networking and software-defined  networking abilities.
  • IBM and VMWare have partnered to use the VMWare platform and products in the IBM Cloud.
  • Multi-speed IT (different release schedules between IT teams [developers and infrastructure]) is still widespread in the industry, but should not hamper the speed of delivery.
  • Automating each new process allows deployments to be quick and consistent.
  • By automating processes, it also encourages developers to use new tools quicker because it is less disruptive to upgrade or use those new tools.
  • Consider binary, application, configuration, and database schemas when automating.
  • IBM UrbanCode Deploy supports everything from mainframe to IBM Cloud, to other cloud providers.


Session 4: Programming Languages in the Enterprise: Which Language Should I Use?

  • IBM’s idea is to put Java, Node.js, and Swift in all locations of development to ease use of development.

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