Ryan Wisniewski    Ryan Wisniewski – Business Operations  linkedin

“Being a Modern Mainframer is much more than understanding the mainframe.  Sure, we are mainframe experts, but we are also network engineers, developers, system administrators, and even business leaders.  We understand what it means for technology to not only support the business, but advance and improve the business.  We bridge the gap between company goals and technology.  Modern Mainframer will usher a new generation of technical leadership with our knowledge, skills, visions, and communications. The future sounds exciting, let’s explore it together.” – Ryan Wisniewski

Ryan has worked with mainframes since his freshman year at Northern Illinois University where he learned the fundamentals of Assember, JCL, ISPF, and other basics of the z/OS environment.  After graduating, he headed west to Tucson, Arizona to work at IBM.  He worked as a Level 2 Support Engineer for the z/OS dfSMS product suite.  Then, he moved back to the Chicagoland area working as the Enterprise Systems manager for McMaster-Carr Supply Company.

His passion for the technology is equaled by his passion for teaching others.  He created Modern Mainframer to connect and foster a community of knowledge share related to mainframes.

Steven Perva Steven Perva – Solution Architecture  linkedin

Steven is a Systems Programmer for a private company in Chicago. He is currently working with z/OS and a variety of products including CICS, DB2, WebSphere MQ, and other independent vendor products. As an enthusiastic developer, he also independently creates software including video games, web applications, and server maintenance applications/scripts. He has expertise across the spectrum of technologies including Windows client and server operating systems, Apple Mac client and server operating systems, a variety of flavors of *NIX, z/OS, zLinux, and other open platforms. His passion and curiosity for technology drives his career and personal hobbies, which he uses to continually learn and acquire skills in all walks of computer technology.

Dustin HelakDustin Helak – Implementation and Integration linkedin

Dustin graduated from University of Arizona with a degree in Computer Science. While there, he was a section leader for the Computer Science department for a year before beginning an internship with IBM. Upon graduating in 2010, He began working full-time at IBM as a Software Engineer specializing in Mainframe and z/OS DFSMS products.  In 2014, he accepted a position as a System Administrator/System Programmer with McMaster-Carr Supply Company, where he currently support all aspects of the mainframe from CICS infrastructure to storage management and system maintenance.

Mike Kosek  Mike Kosek- Emerging Technologies  linkedin

Mike has a deep passion for the latest mobile and networking technology that empowers users to utilize their time efficiently and effectively from anywhere. After graduating from Lewis University with a double major in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration, he worked for Apple on multiple mobile, desktop, server, and network platforms. Five years later, he accepted a position as a Data Center Operator for McMaster-Carr Supply Company where he monitored and managed a full stack of products from mainframe operations to distributed systems. Currently, his role as a Systems Programmer allows him to design and maintain various IBM, BMC, CA, ASG, and other vendor solutions. Outside of McMaster-Carr, his continued drive to help others encouraged him to start a MSP and Consulting company for businesses that desire the need for quick and responsive remote technical support.